Loft Progress

They certainly have dragged out, but project by project I’ve been plugging away on the garage and the garage loft. The work and planning are finally showing results.  Each project has taken money, planning and a lot of energy, but of the three, physical energy has dictated the pace. At 68, I simply don’t have the gumption or the energy or stamina compared to when I started the house in 2004.  From 2004-2006, I worked on the house 12 or more hours a day – seven day a week.

So what has been accomplished.  Last Fall my good friend Andy Stack, installed the garage’s and loft’s radiant heating system.  It’s a piece of art.  Andy is a genius.

Tom Smith, a very talented one man show contractor, helped me with several major projects.  Instead of a hand rail on the second floor overlooking the stairwell, we build floor to ceiling frames and installed texture glass panels.


We then turned our attention to the loft. We drilled holes through the loft’s concrete floor for the shower, sinks and toilet. We then installed the drain lines and connected them to the home’s sewer line – and followed up by installing the cold and hot water supply lines.


Since then we constructed walls for the shower and installed the fiberglass show stall. The drywall is finished and primed.

Next up, ceramic floor tile>