Completed loft’s ceramic floor

The ceramic floor marks the end of a long list of major projects that have been on the board for a long time.  All projects take a lot of thought and planning. And almost without exception, each has its own issue that needs to be address. The ceramic floor was no different.  The tile added around 2 1/2 tons of weight on top of an already heavy second story concrete floor. While I was planning and working on the other projects leading up to this point – the weight of the floor weighed on my mind – and I knew I would eventually have to address my concerns. Prior to starting the floor, we hired a structural engineer familiar with the ICF (insulated Concrete Form) system and the steel joist we used, to come down from Detroit to make sure the structure could handle the additional load.  The engineer’s “no problem,”  ended months of concern and lost sleep – and you can see the results below.

So all that’s left are a few small projects – install the bath vanities and tops, faucets, toilet, shower doors, towel bars and – some trim and paint.