What & Why

The House on Third Street is an extremely energy efficient and extremely healthy home located in Sandusky, Ohio.

The home showcases conservation building design and technology that can dramatically reduce the cost of energy and improve the health of the home’s environment. It cost about $500 a year to heat heat the home and two story garage. In addition to being energy efficient, the home does not support mold, bacteria, flames or off gas. No wood was used in the structure and it is earthquake and wind proof.

Mark Norman and Sue Daugherty built the home in 2004 to demonstrate to the public and officials that there are products and systems available now that can greatly improve the health and energy efficiency of residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings.

More than 5,000 people have toured the home, including over thirty national, state, and local officials and over 40 corporate representatives.

The couple’s goal is to increase demand for sustainable products and systems by showcasing products, educating consumers and connect consumers to the companies that provide the products.