2nd Floor Drywall

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My goal for the winter was to finish the upstairs of the garage, but my activism has turned into almost a full time job – and slowed my progress on the garage significantly.  some days not at all.

In addition to managing Sue’s and mine’s daily lives, I am currently spearheading and organizing the Gateways and Parks Cleanup, Drive through Dump Day and Opening Day Celebration.  Together, they are designed to promote a sense of responsible for determining Sandusky’s future, a sense of community, collaboration and optimism for the city’s future. So,  I have only been able to work on the garage a couple of hours a day – and sometimes not at all.

I finished installing the last three large windows in the upstairs – just as the weather was turning cold.  Since then I installed and wired all of the recessed light canisters, ceil fan boxes and receptacles.   The electric was inspected in November.  During December and January I hung the drywall.  The building/electrical inspector was scheduled to retire at the end of January, so I pushed to hang the drywall and install the handrails.  I was very happy to get my final electric and final inspection on the inspectors last day of work.

My daughter and granddaughter are coming in May, so I working to finish the drywall and paint the upstairs so I can empty out our homes front bedroom – so we can actually turn it into a bedroom in time for their visit.


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